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Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity & Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook

Metal Bulletin Research has collated and analysed current steelmaking and mining production capabilities, as well as detailing future capital investment projects in the subscription service Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity & Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook. 

It provides the break-down both geographically and by process step from raw materials through to finished steel. With clear commentary of where there is over- and undersupply, it helps reduce the chances of unexpected additions, but also highlight where investment could be warranted.

The Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity & Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook provides a geographical breakdown of capacity and capital expenditure allowing you to:

  1. Analyse current capacity, competitors and market opportunities
  2. Identify geographical, undersupply or overproduction on a product-by-product basis; 
  3. Form a solid foundation for steelmaking equity analysis
  4. Observe company and product specific operations; 
  5. Analyse long term industry trends
  6. Access Metal Bulletin Research’s expert team of industry analysts to answer any queries and offer additional after sales support; 
  7. Fully customisable data visualisation allowing ease of manipulation; 
  8. Gain an insight into key developments affecting the steelmaking and mining industry.

The quarterly subscription to Steelmaking Capacity & Capex Study includes:

  • Statistical information for product capacity and production by producer/miner and by site provided in an Excel spreadsheet every quarter
  • Statistical information for product capital expenditure by investor, location, capacity, cost and start-up
  • Access to the team of consultants that produce the study to respond to queries and examine the information provided – an added value service offered to all subscribers.

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