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The world's leading independent provider of market analysis for the global metals and mining industry

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About Metal Bulletin Research

Metal Bulletin Research is the world's leading independent provider of market analysis for the global metals and mining industry.

Through our global network of analysts, economists, contributors and business partners, we provide a complete service for the metals and mining industry, through regular publications, electronic services, strategic forecasts studies and bespoke consultancy services.

Guaranteed quality and reliability...

Established in 1991, MBR now has clients in over 100 countries around the world. In 2002, MBR also expanded its presence into the North American market further by establishing its new US-based arm, American Metal Market Research (AMMR), based in New York.

MBR is a trusted, independent source of global industry expertise. We provide regular, insightful analysis and forecasts of global markets and business conditions to help organisations make informed commercial and strategic decisions and recommendations:

  • Coverage of all major developed and emerging economies through publications, electronic services, and consulting arrangements
  • Proven track record of accuracy, and innovative and provocative research established over more than a decade of continuous publication
  • Clients include producers, banks, fund managers, metal-driven consumers, brokerages, leading management consultants, economists, strategists, corporate officers and other professionals at the world's leading financial institutions and metals-related corporations
  • Research embraces fundamental valuation and market analyses and forecasting through globally integrated models, extensive databases and is supplemented by a team of specialist consultants

Guaranteed independent analysis...

Metal Bulletin Research benefits from being part of a large specialist metals and economics publishing group which encompasses the market leaders in its fields. On the metals side, the Metal Bulletin Group is the parent to the leading metals news service, Metal Bulletin; a fully searchable database, Metal Bulletin Company Database; as well as North America’s leading daily metals newspaper, American Metal Market.  On the mining side, Industrial Minerals is a sister company. 

The Group’s metal businesses provides MBR with an invaluable network of international contacts within the metals industries that enhance our ability to provide research on almost every aspect of the metals business. However, we stress our ability to operate independently of the rest of the Group, and the existence of formal rules of confidentiality that exist between the news providers within the Group and the research and consulting division.

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