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The world's leading independent provider of market analysis for the global metals and mining industry

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About Metal Bulletin Research

Metal Bulletin Research provides forecasts and analysis based on price assessments from Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market. 

Metal Bulletin Research was established in 1991 to provide the industry with independent and trustworthy market insight. Since then, we have provided regular, insightful analysis and forecasts to businesses around the world. We help organisations make informed commercial and strategic decisions and recommendations.

Our global team of analysts and consultants are specialists in the metals and mining industry. As part of Metal Bulletin Group, we benefit from an invaluable network of international contacts within the metals industries that enhance our ability to provide research on almost every aspect of the metals business. However, we stress our ability to operate independently of the rest of the Group, and the existence of formal rules of confidentiality that exist between the news providers within the Group and the research and consulting division.

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