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The Middle East Steel Industry: A Strategic Market Outlook to 2021

The latest and expanded edition, of “The Middle East Steel Industry: A Strategic Market Outlook to 2021” study from Metal Bulletin Research. 

The Middle East Steel Industry: A Strategic Market Outlook to 2021 is a timely study providing independent analysis and long-term forecasts in answering the key questions facing the industry today. The study also includes: 

  • Current, historic and forecast capacity, production, net trade and consumption  for each product in each country out to 2021 – Full data provided in the report and MS excel
  • By company analysis on planned production rates, cost structures, product mix, capacity expansions and target geographic markets – Detailed profiling of key steel players and their future plans out to 2021
  • Economic/end-user background by-sector forecasts out to 2021 by country 
  • Raw material availability (scrap and DRI) and options
  • Comprehensive steel and steel raw material historic, current and forecast prices, by product

As we correctly predicted in our last edition of this study, 2016 has been a challenging year for many markets in the Middle East in terms of both steel demand and prices, not least in Saudi Arabia.

There is an absolute need to gain valuable market and pricing insights to accurately plan sales/marketing strategies amid increasing challenges and uncertainties facing the region out to 2021. 

The key questions that this report covers are:

  • How will regional oil/gas prices impact future steel demand in the region?
  • Is more steelmaking capacity needed? If so, where and for what products?
  • What is the regional outlook for DR iron ore pellet supply, demand and prices?
  • How disruptive will Chinese steel exports be beyond 2016?
  • Who will fare better going forward: integrated or re-rolling steel operations?

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