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Metal Bulletin Research's Tube & Pipe Group:

Regular pricing, forecasts and market analysis for the global steel tube and pipe industry.

Market Trackers

Market Intelligence Services

OCTG Market Intelligence Service

 Large-diameter Linepipe Market Intelligence Service

Strategic Forecast Studies

Management Consulting


  • Seamless tubes


  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Clad pipes and special materials

Market Sectors:

  • Oil and gas industry: OCTG and Linepipe
  • Mechanical engineering: general and precision tube and pipe
  • Power generation and petrochemical industry
  • Construction and residential application (hollow sections, water etc.)
  • Special applications (offshore foundations/jackets, risers, wind turbines)
  • Butt-welded fittings and tube bends


  • Fundamental, competitive and project/business risk and viability assessments
  • Market entry advice and identification of new value-adding opportunities for producers
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, competitor expansion assessments and growth strategy recommendations
  • Fundamental market and price analyses and forecast
  • Management surveys and interviews from key end-users
  • Financial and project valuation modelling and capital-raising assistance
  • Government bodies consulting


Americas Kim Leppold +1 610 404 0801
CIS Roman Filimonov +44 207 827 6443
Europe/MENA/Asia James Ley +44 207 827 6422

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