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Email Alerts

MBR's Breaking Views

One of the key benefits of Metal Bulletin Research's new online service are the customised email alerts, or MBR's breaking views. 

MBR's breaking views are provided for each of the metals categories featured on the site and covered by our analysis. Analysts provide up-to-the minute market reaction to industry news, regularly anticipating market and commodity price movements.

Our analysts always provide an opinion as to how the latest industry news is likely to impact demand, supply and price dynamics at present, and in the future.

Why Set up Breaking Views? 

A 'Breaking View' is a brand new and exciting feature to your subscription service. Its consists of an individual MBR analyst/consultant directly providing you with up-to-the minute market reactions about an industry event or market development, that they believe will have a likely impact on commodity price movements now and into the future.

In essence, it is a 'think-piece' as written specifically by our most experienced analysts and industry consultants to provide you with up-to-the minute analysis, commentary and market forecasts.

These think-pieces, or 'Breaking Views' as we call them, are designed to open up a direct dialogue between us, the team of analysts, and you, the subscriber and customer. We welcome you to use the "Email the editor" link to give us your reaction to our comments and analysis or simply call us up. 

To set up your customised email alerts and receive up-to-the minute breaking views from MBR's expert team of analysts, simply go to My Account and select the box ‘Intra Issue Breaking Views’ for your report. To be notified as soon as a new report is published, select the box for ‘New Issue Alerts’.

For an even more customised navigation experience don't forget to update your homepage preferences. Select your primary metal category of interest to ensure you are taken directly to the content of your choice every time you log on. 

You can modify or update your email alert preferences at any time - simply visit the My Account page.

RSS Feeds

MBR now offers tailored news feeds - this is a simple and convenient way to receive headlines and analysis on your metals of interest delivered directly to your desktop or Pda.

An RSS feed is a unique online tool which allows you to receive the latest content from the MBR site via timely news feeds. To set one up, simply click the RSS icon next to the title of the report and then select 'View Feed XML' . You can save this to your favourites section on your browser or paste the links into external RSS readers (such as My Yahoo!, Igoogle, NewzCrawler). 

As a sampleist, you can set up customised email alerts and RSS feeds for a period of two weeks. 

Create RSS feeds

Please note: Some email alerts are stopped by company firewalls and spam filters. Please check with your IT Department about allowing the email alerts through.  If this is not the case, please contact Customer Services, and we can look into this matter and check when the last update was sent out. We can double check your email address is on our distribution list.

If you have any questions, please call +44 (0) 20 7779 8000 or email us.