Forecasts and market analysis based on price assessments from Fastmarkets MB and Fastmarkets AMM

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Global large-diameter linepipe market intelligence service

This service provides you with an online interactive database of the latest strategic large-diameter linepipe data (updated quarterly), and in-depth study and over 70 years worth of market experience at your disposal with our expert support. 

The global large-diameter linepipe intelligence service is a vital business tool in helping you plan your sales, procurement or direction of your business moving forward. 
With this intelligence service you will have access to our independent 5 year market outlook online, updated every quarter on our flexible data platform. In addition, you will be able to consult our team of analysts who have over 70 years of experience between them.

Each quarterly update of the service will provide:

The status of more than 300 large-diameter pipeline projects, updated quarterly including:

  • Location, Operator, Diameter (inches), length (km), tonnage, onshore/offshore, sour/non-sour, gas/oil/other, expected type of pipe (LSAW/HSAW/ERW).
  • Some leading projects closely followed include: Zohr 2 (Egypt), Mamba (Mozambique), Power of Siberia, PTT 5’th gas pipeline Thailand, Keystone XL (USA)

5-year forecast (now to 2022) of large-diameter market dynamics by region including:

  • Local regional supply, import/exports into the region, demand based on project activity and other economic factors - split by LSAW, HSAW, ERW

A database of all large-diameter pipe mills in the world, including LSAW, HSAW and ERW

  • About 250 large-diameter pipe mills globally, including information on location, capacity (kt), diameter range (inches), wall thickness (mm) and current operating status

A database of all API plate and coil suppliers for the linepipe industry

  • Location, capacity, width (mm), grade capabilities, sour/non-sour capabilities of all API mills in the world. Information also provided on all leading API mills in the world including grade capacity, coil thickness that can be achieved etc

Large-diameter linepipe and API plate and coil pricing 5-year forecasts

And much more ...

Don't miss out on a service that will equip you with the insight and information for your strategic planning, negotiations and purchasing giving you the advantage over your competitors. 

Also included:

  • Extended forecasts - Forecasts now go out to 2022 for prices, consumption, shipments and trade, allowing you to plan further ahead 
  • Quarterly data updates - Fastmarkets MB's five-year outlook is updated every quarter in an online data service, so you will always be able to use the latest data for your reports and analysis
  • Create your own graphs and charts using the interactive platform, saving you time when you're preparing presentations
  • Update on all future large-diameter linepipe projects by region with their likely viability
  • Analysis of all global API plate and coil substrate suppliers to the large-diameter linepipe industry