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The NAFTA Steel Industry: State-by-State & By-Province Analysis and Forecasts out to 2022

Metal Bulletin Research and AMM Research build upon the previous success of the US State-by-State Steel report, extending the scope to include the whole North American region of the USA, Canada and Mexico. The NAFTA Steel Industry: State-by-State & By-Province Analysis and Forecasts out to 2022 provides the most comprehensive statistical database of the region available anywhere.

Over 450 pages plus Excel data and follow up support from consultants included

Get the insight you need with steel consumption by product, by sector and by state/province.

Product coverage:

• Ingots, Blooms, Slabs, Billets
• Wire Rods
• Structural Shapes (3" & over)
• Plates cut lengths & coils
• Rails & Railroad Accessories
• Bars hot rolled
• Bars – Reinforcing
• Bars – Cold finished
• Pipe & tube
• Tin plate + tin free+ tin coated
• Coils/Sheets –Hot rolled
• Coils/Sheets – Cold rolled
• Coils/Sheets & strip – Galvanized
• Other

Sector coverage:

• Agriculture
• Appliances & Cutlery
• Automotive
• Construction
• Containers
• Machinery
• Oil and Gas
• Outside Processing
• Rail
• Service Centers
• Shipbuilding
• Other

Key questions addressed in the study include:

• What is the growth potential for specific steel products in each US state out to 2022?
 Which steel products have the best long-term prospects?
• What are the growth prospects for each end-user sector in each NAFTA market out to 2022? 

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