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China's Steel & Raw Materials Industries 2017-2027



China is the most influential market underpinning the entire global steel industry. It's size and impact shape world steel prices and the raw materials market. Metal Bulletin Research have produced a new report looking into this industry and analysing the market for the next ten years.

There has been massive changes to the Chinese steel market since 2009 and those changes are being felt by the rest of the market. This has left the market wondering what will happen next? Will China slow down or grow? How will exports affect the market? Can China be competitive? What will the impact be on other global steel mills?

Key questions this report covers:

  • How far and how fast can steel company consolidation go in China?
  • What will be the future export volumes from China and what would be its product composition?
  • How will % growth rates for flat steel demand differ to long steel consumption within regional markets within China?
  • How will Chinese political and industrial policies shape their steel industry over the next ten years?
  • How effective will trade protection against Chinese steel exports be at supporting ex-China profitability margins among steelmakers? 
  • Which are the best leading indicators in forecasting Chinese construction activity?

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