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China steel market out to 2027: policy changes, supply cuts, and a new order of business


This study has taken a far reaching analysis and review of the Chinese steel sector, assessing all aspects of production, capacity utilisation, capacity and trade. Download your copy of the study to find our more information on this ten year market outlook into the most influential market affecting the global steel industry.

In the last two decades, China has been the subject of many different opinions regarding its steel sector. Many observers have underestimated its progress as a steelmaking nation. Too often the central command and control system is overlooked by Western commentators as to how easy it is to implement policy, direction and a positive forces towards industrial growth.

The scale of growth for domestic consumption has consistently been underestimated in most cases over the years. And the shift from import dependency to export orientation was largely missed by forecasters in the early 2000s.

Many now believe that China's steel sector is set to contract now, and that the country simply cannot absorb any more steel. In this report Fastmarkets MB takes an objective look at the facts. We are cautiously positive about steelmaking in China, and future demand, for reasons we detail within the report.

This study provides answers and insights to these critical questions that are being asked:

  • Ha China reached "peak steel"?
  • How should you work with official Chinese steel statistics?
  • What is the real story behind China's exports of steel - both direct exports and exports by stealth (indirect exports)?
  • What will be the ultimate impact of capacity cuts in China in global terms?
  • When and whether China will become a scrap exporter? 
  • Will China see a massive boost to EAF capacity or will we see the emergence of the "mega-blast furnace"?
  • How will China affect global steel and raw material prices out to 2027?
  • How will Chinese steelmakers dictate the seaborne iron ore market and prices out over the next 5 years?
  • How will % growth rates for flat steel demand differ to long steel consumption within the markets?
  • Which end user segments will show the greatest growth/decline and why?
  • How will Chinese mine and steel plant profitability affect the future supply-side dynamic within China? Will there be steel mine closures/shut-downs, industrial consolidation?
  • How will Chinese political and industrial policies shape their steel industry?

This study presents recent, key time critical developments and is required reading for all industry professionals that have an interest in current and forward business planning relating to the global steel and steel raw materials industry.

This in-depth research offers expert analysis, forecasting and strategic recommendations. Access over three months of on-the-ground research and interviews by our UK and China based consultant teams.

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