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China Aluminium Market out to 2021: Policy changes, supply cuts and a new order of business


The Chinese aluminium market now accounts for over 50% of the global aluminium supply and the developments in this fast-moving market have far reaching effects on the global industry.

Metal Bulletin Research’s new report into the Chinese aluminium industry focuses on this market looking at how the market is developing within China and how this will affect the rest of the aluminium industry.

This study provides information into:

  • The Chinese companies in the top 10-15 global aluminium producers and how they are shaping the market
  • How environmental controls are affecting the Chinese domestic market and implications for the rest of the world
  • Advances in smelting technology and how this is facilitating the expansion of the market
  • How increased smelting capacity is increasingly relevant in the face of slowing economic growth
  • Potential implications for a long run supply/demand imbalance


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