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Global Iron Ore: Market, Prices and Operating Mine Costs out to 2030

Iron Ore prices have been volatile but what does that mean for your strategic planning?

This new and independent study is designed to help you examine the current changes in the iron ore market, and to plan your strategy through the next 10 years with our forecasts for supply, demand, trade, operating mine costs and prices for major ore types.

Download a sample of the data available with this report and see for yourself the granularity of data you could have access to.

This new report will provide the following:

  • Global iron ore demand and supply analysis
  • Mine-by-mine operating costs for pellets, fines and lump - UPDATED QUARTERLY
  • Steel company iron ore procurement database
  • Comprehensive and unique pricing and forecasts
  • And much more ...

Why do you need this Iron Ore market intelligence report?

-  This highly competitive and unrivalled market service offers all supply, demand, trade, operating mine costs and price data for all major ore types in one single place.

-  All the accurate and reliable forecast data you need to plan, forecast and succeed in the iron ore and steel markets at your finger tips.

-  Updated twice a year to ensure all major changes in the market are captured with comprehensive statistical appendices and data available in both study and MS excel form

-  Access to our dedicated team of steel and steel raw material analysts and consultants from all our regional offices including  UK, Shanghai, Singapore and US offices.

-  Metal Bulletin Research provides for a substantial amount of accurate first-hand market and price information, thereby strengthening your understanding of both your local market and the global industry.
-  Long-term price and market forecasts utilising primary research and extensive bottom-up analysis utilising market experts/economics regularly covering the global iron ores sector for well over 30 years.

Metal Bulletin Research have produced their latest report into the global iron ore market to offer you an unrivalled market service in offering all supply, demand, trade, operating mine costs and price data for all major ore types all included in one single place.

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