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The Indonesian Nickel Industry - Strategic Market Prospects out to 2020

The Indonesian mining law passed in January 2014 banning nickel ore exports out of the country came to some as a major surprise. This event has sparked a key question among market participants namely what impact has this ban had since its introduction inside Indonesia and what will this mean for the nickel market in global terms over the next 5 years?
The report draws on key interviews taken among leading authorities inside Indonesia (at both producer and government levels, accessing unique insider knowledge of many of the key operations, both current and expected. The report is designed to assess the future impact current events will have both inside Indonesia, but also crucially on future global demand, supply and price fundamentals.

This is a unique product offering written by a team directly based and working in Indonesia and is designed to show market transparency as to what exactly is happening on the ground.

The report will cover the following themes and discussions, supported by on-the-ground insights and data: 

Understanding the mining law in Indonesia
Before and after the Asian Crisis in 1997 etc.
Why was the ban introduced and the impact this has had on local political and economic considerations, employment levels etc.
Has it been successful, and if so, for whom?
What’s happening now and over the next five years?
Indonesia’s place in the global nickel industry
Indonesian GDP forecasts and domestic market prospects
Indonesia supply relationship to China and Japan
The relationship between Indonesia, Philippines and China
Historic, current and future Indonesian nickel ore production rates
The investment climate in Indonesia – now and over the next 5 years.

Key questions will be addressed including:

  • Is it easy to invest in smelters in Indonesia?
  • What are the challenges to this in terms or political environment, energy/labour considerations?
  • Why Indonesia is ranked so low on the investment leagues? Will it improve?
  • What steps are the government taking to address these problems?
  • Who will invest in Indonesia? Will it be the Chinese?
  • SWOT analysis for investing in the Indonesian nickel industry over the next 5 years

Investing in Indonesia: Technology analysis CAPEX

Profiles of existing nickel producers including:

  • Ownership structure
  • Location
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Power plant
  • Production Capacity
  • Product type
  • Ni Ore Consumption (2014)
  • Ni Ore Grade

Investing in Indonesia: Technology analysis OPEX in Indonesia

Utilising on-site visits and key interviews the study will present details of Indonesian cost of production information provided by major producer/prospect project in Indonesia.
Benchmarks with China and Philippines

Production projection Npi in Indonesia till 2020

Detailed projection and details by proposed and future producers within Indonesia including non-Npi and NPI producers out to 2017 to include:  detailed equipment, location, profiles by operation, ownership details, development plan, time frame, expected capacity and production, other details on a plant-by-plant basis.

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