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Global Aluminium Extrusions Market Outlook by Sector out to 2030


A brand new and detailed study, Global Aluminium Extrusions Market Outlook by Sector out to 2030 focuses on all sectors using aluminium extrusions and provides essential 15 year forecasts for the market.  

This study is the first of its kind and is required reading for all industry professionals that have an interest in current and forward business planning relating to the global aluminium extrusions industry. This in-depth research offers expert analysis and forecasting including:

• The use of aluminium extrusions by sector (including ABC, transport and industrial)

• Market analysis and price forecasts out to 2030

• Granular data providing transparency to pricing tiers and final selling price

• Analysis of major producers and their capacity

• Billet availability and production analysis

• Global trade and trade barriers


Key issues examined in this study

• What is the current usage of aluminium extrusions across downstream products and what will the future trend be across regions/countries for the next 15 years?
• How will aluminium extrusions demand perform in the transportation and construction sectors out to 2030?
• What are the key drivers fuelling the demand, supply and prices for aluminium extrusions out to 2030?
• Who are the major extrusion players and what will their future developments be? Who are the major extrusion customers by sector?
• How will market prices for aluminium extrusions change over time?

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