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A Strategic Market Outlook for Regional US Ferrous Scrap to 2021

NEW - Metal Bulletin Research has conducted a fully independent research study on the US scrap industry by product type out to 2021, which aims to bring never seen before market intelligence vital to the interests of both scrap buyers and sellers.

A Strategic Market Outlook for Regional US Ferrous Scrap to 2021 is the most detailed and comprehensive examination of the US ferrous scrap market providing detailed analysis and data broken down for 14 key US regions.

Each US region is evaluated on a standalone basis to best understand historic, current and forecast supply and demand dynamics (1996-2021).

The study details the following in terms of providing analysis, data and forecasts (out to 2021) for the following:

1. US scrap consumption (including EAF, oxygen furnace, iron foundry and blast furnace enrichment)

2. US scrap recovery
• Revert
• Prompt
• Obsolete (including newly obsolete)

3. Scrap trade – Net inter-regional US trade by region

4. A detailed scrap reservoir model

5. A fully dynamic and “open-source” forecasting scrap market model to run your own “what if scenarios” to changing parameters

6. A comprehensive historic and forecast ferrous scrap prices database

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Key questions addressed include:

Which US scrap regions are growing and which are facing depleting reservoirs?

  • How will ferrous scrap prices change over time?
  • What are the intra-regional scrap trade flows within the US, and what will this mean to scrap suppliers?

Here is what a reader has to say about MBR's research:

"I would recommend Metal Bulletin Research as a unique provider of steel and its raw materials market analysis and forecasts."
Michael Amez, Manager, A.T.Kearney, USA

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