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A Strategic Outlook to the Global Ferrous Scrap Industry out to 2021

A strategic outlook to the global ferrous scrap industry out to 2021 provides valuable global information, expert analysis and forecasting for this important industry. 

This study offers expert analysis, forecasting and guidance including:

  • Historic and forecasted consumption of scrap on a country and global basis
  • The analytical approach used to understand the dynamics for the global ferrous scrap market
  • The global price of scrap and its relation to the size of imports and exports
  • Historic and forecasted recovery of scrap from 1985 to 2021 - reaching and sustaining a substantial growth in the recovery of scrap and the issues that face this growth
  • Obsolete scrap - will there be enough exports to continue at the current rates in individual countries obsolete scrap reservoirs?
  • Medium term forecast for the global price of scrap out to 2021 and the drivers that influence the global price
  • The balance of supply and demand of scrap on a country and global basis

Key questions addressed include:

  • How much scrap is consumed?
  • How much scrap is recovered?
  • How much scrap is imported and exported?
  • How large is the scrap reservoir?
  • What drives price in each of the markets?
  • How and why will all this change out to 2021? 

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Michael Amez, Manager, A.T.Kearney, USA 

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