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A Strategic Outlook for the Global Zinc Market to 2022 

Metal Bulletin Research have published a new study, A Strategic Outlook for the Global Zinc Market to 2022 that attempts to answer many key questions, by providing a detailed outlook on zinc supply and demand over the next ten years.

Key features of A Strategic Outlook for the Global Zinc Market to 2022 include:

• Detailed mine-by-mine projections of committed mine production (excluding China)
• Uncommitted projects potential supply forecasts and probability-weighted model
• Demand projections at the country/region level
• Balance (metal and concentrate) and price projections
• Forecasts provided under two alternative scenarios (Bullish & Bearish) in addition to our Base Case
• Detailed analysis of all the key trends in supply and demand
• Detailed economic projections for key consuming markets as well as principal macro themes
• A wealth of statistical data, covering historical consumption, galvanized steel production, smelter capacity, trade-flows and prices. Data provided both in printed form and excel spreadsheets

Key questions addressed include:

• What are the new potential market risks facing the zinc industry?
• When will the zinc market return to deficit and how long will it stay that way?

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