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Logistical constraints facing the Metallurgical Coal Export Market out to 2016 

Metal Bulletin Research (MBR) have published an in-depth study, Logistical Constraints facing the Metallurgical Coal Export Market out to 2016. This study details the port, rail and other transport infrastructure constraints in each of the key countries that export coking coal (or will be exporting coking coal by 2016) and examines how these constraints will affect the availability, and therefore the market for, the different types of coking coal exports over the next five years.

This brand new 118 page study includes an analysis of the issues of competition for the limited infrastructure capacity from steam coal and other commodities.

This study offers coverage on the following key markets:

• Australia
• Canada
• China
• Colombia
• Czech Republic
• Indonesia
• Mongolia
• Mozambique
• New Zealand
• Poland
• Russia
• South Africa
• Venezuela

Key questions addressed in this study include:

• What will be the effect of port and other infrastructure constraints on the export of coking coal until 2016?
• How will coking coal prices be affected by port constraints?
• Which ports will definitely increase their capacity in the next few years?

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