Forecasts and market analysis based on price assessments from Fastmarkets MB and Fastmarkets AMM

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The turning point for steel metallics: a global market outlook to 2021 for iron ore, scrap, DRI/HBI and pig iron  

The turning point for steel metallics: a global market outlook to 2021 for iron ore, scrap, DRI/HBI and pig iron has been designed using extensive primary research to be specifically rigorous, reliable, and above all, different from any other market intelligence report available today. 

This study presents our outlook, based on primary research for each major market to provide a verifiable basis to assumptions used and fed into our proprietary metallic forecasting models.

This strategic long term market study offers exclusive data, insights and expert support into the following:

• Crude steel production and iron ore analysis
o Steel production forecasts by major market
o Global production by process route by major market (historic and forecasts by market)
o Regional costs and comparative analysis in steelmaking

• Ferrous scrap market dynamics
o Scrap collection rates by major product types and markets
o Scrap quality (and market perceptions regarding differing qualities)
o Reservoir and scrap consumption rates by country and between scrap type categories
o By major market data and forecasts for revert scrap recovery rates, prompt scrap recovery rates, obsolete scrap recovery rates, obsolete scrap reservoirs and scrap consumption rates
o Historic and forecast ferrous scrap prices by region/major country prices (fob/cfr)

• DRI/HBI and pig iron dynamics
o By market historical, current and forecast DRI production, DRI consumption, pig iron output, pig iron consumption, pig iron exports/imports, DRI/HBI exports/imports
o Fastmarkets MB will provide analysis and data on which regions/markets will be likely to use more/less scrap and which regions/markets will structurally prefer pig iron and DRI

Comprehensive data by country available in MS excel for the following countries:

• Australia
• Brazil
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Czech Republic
• Egypt
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• India
• Indonesia
• Iran
• Italy
• Japan
• Libya
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Qatar
• Rep. of Korea
• Romania
• Saudi Arabia
• Slovakia
• South Africa
• Spain
• Sweden
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Ukraine
• United Kingdom
• Venezuela
• Vietnam

Key questions this report will answer:

• What will the cost of scrap be in the future?
• What will be the supply demand/balance for DRI and Iron Ore?
• What will the local and global supply/demand balance look like? 

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